BraveClan is the bravest clan in the forest. They are fierce and loyal.


Leader - Lightningstar: Light brown tom with dark amber eyes (Crystal)

Deputy - Mintleaf: Black she-cat with mint green eyes (Minty)

Medicine Cat - Darkfur: Fluffy dark gray she-cat with dark blue eyes (Crystal)

Medicine Cat Apprentice - Amberpaw- Dark gray she cat with black stripes on bushy tail, white paws and part of legs with brlight amber eyes

Warriors -

Beaverclaw - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. (Silver)

Cherrypit - dark ginger she-cat with a cute pink nose. (Silver)

Mapleflight - tortoiseshell she-cat with soft amber eyes. ; Mossnose

Patchheart - White tom with brown patches and blue eyes, Crystal's Cat

Fawnwatcher- Light brown she-cat with dark dapples and bright green eyes

Apprentices -

Goldenpaw - Golden she-cat with with paws and tail tip, green blue eyes