RainbowClan is a large, colorful clan. They are spunky, happy and loving. Their pelts differ from rainbow to normal colors.

RainbowClan is Sunflare's Clan.


  • Rainbow Forest
  • Rainbow River
  • Rainbow Gorge



  • Phoenixstar - Pretty flame colored she-cat with rainbow colored eyes. Rped by Flares


Medicine Cat

  • Rainfall - Handsome, and very muscular blue-gray tom. Rped by: Silverw

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Stormfeather- black she-cat with golden streaks. Rped by Blue


  • Troutstream - Silver tom with golden splotches. Rped by Flares
  • Sunrise - pretty, golden she-cat with warm, oragne eyes. Rped by Silverw
  • Rainbowcolors - gorgeous, rainbow colored she-cat with rainbow eyes. Rped by: Silverw
  • Fallowstep - brown she-cat with white forepaws and lushes forest green eyes
  • Falconswoop - brown tom with dark brown ears, tail and, paws and vibrant green eyes


  • Whisperpaw - Beautiful black and white she-cat with golden eyes that bursts into a million colors in the water. Rped by Crystal.
  • Irispaw - Beautiful brown-and-black she-cat with irises that can burst into a million colours. Rper: Silverw
  • Hailpaw - Big silver tom with blue eyes that turn amber during a storm and when in contact with water
  • Dazzlepaw - Beautiful gray she-cat with black and white splotches, amber eyes
  • Battlepaw - Silver tom with black paws and tail, dark blue eyes
  • Shinningpaw - Beautiful golden she-cat with rainbow paws and eyes