mother:Echoclaw(white,black speckles,elder)

father:Brackentalon(brown and gray tom,dead)died of starvation and lack of water

sibs:Swanflight(white she cat,dead),Firewind(ginger tom),Stormchaser(gray tom)

mate:Talonstripe,brown tabby with green eyes(formerly) Windpelt,gray with green eyes and dark gray ears.

kits:bumblekpaw(pale gray she cat),echopaw(White she cat),foxpaw(ginger tom with black ears and paws.)

looks:white with gray speckles and stripes icy blue eyes

skills:hunting,she once caught an eagle!(WHOAH!!!!!)


about:as a kit she was described weak.When she was an apprentice,she was desperate to prove herself.In a battle against shadowclan she finally did prove herself worthy,earning her warrior name,shimmering mist.Later on,she started having feelings for talonstripe.It went smoothly after that,but talonstripe had many lovers,causing her to stop loving him.after a moon a cat named windpelt saved her life when she almost fell in a stream.she became very attached to him and they had kits soon afterward.About 8 moons later a huge drought was brought among the Clans.all the prey died and the rivers dried up.It was a hard time for the clans.many moonclan cats died from it including her father,brackentalon.After a much needed rain,her kits were apprenticed.